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Hosted by the Cree Nation of Eastmain in partnership with:
Twist Conditioning & E.I.S.R.A.

July 3 to 28, 2023


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As mentioned, in partnership with the Cree Nation of Eastmain and Twist Conditioning, E.I.S.R.A. is offering the chance for minor hockey players to be trained through the month of July in preparation for their training camps this coming Fall. It will be a high-end, professionally-structured and intense program for serious athletes looking to improve their conditioning as well as on-ice skills.

The general information regarding the program's dryland training, offered by Twist Conditioning, is provided through the links below. While the schedule needs to be finalized with all concerned parties, and also based on the number of participants, it will generally consist of dryland training from Monday to Friday as well as ice time three (3) times per week. We will be working closely with the local host to provide social and traditional activities for the participants throughout the camp to keep the participants as busy as possible during periods of free time. Meals will also be provided throughout the day to maintain a healthy diet for all the athletes, as well as lodging that could be provided for anyone requiring this service. 

For any additional information that may not be clear or provided on this page, please feel free to contact either Charly Wash at 819-855-7105 or via email at For lodging requirements, you may contact Adam Cheezo at 819-977-5270 or via email at


TWIST High Performance Highlights:

- Dryland offered 5x/week

- On-ice offered 3x/week

- TWIST Testing Combines (Qualitative and Quantitative)

- Personal TWIST Coach Mentor

- TWIST Online Training App access (provide personalized workouts for home)

- Nutrition Education and Sport Performance Seminars

- Additional activities: Athlete BBQ, TWIST Olympics, Hiking etc.

- TWIST Swag (t-shirt, shorts, jersey)

and more...

JULY 13-15


As part of the High Performance Camp, we will also have a portion in the middle of it during which a group of coaches from American and Canadian Prep Schools, coaches from the NCAA as well as members from 'First Assist' (Indigenous-run charity for student-athletes) who will be running this 3-day camp as both an instructional session as well as the chance for the athletes to be scouted for opportunities beyond our region. 

While this camp is structured more or less in a hockey school format, we are looking to showcase individuals who are serious about taking their hockey careers to the next levels in hopes of advancing to Elite programs for their personal development and for the chance to reach higher levels of hockey and to ensure their education remains a core focus of their development as well. While we welcome any such athlete to send in their application, we will have limited spaces and may have to go through a selection process

Schools, Colleges and Coaches in Attendance

  • Berkshire School (USA Prep)  - George Stetson

  • Kimball Union Academy (USA Prep) - Tim Whitehead

  • Salisbury School (USA Prep) - Andrew Will

  • St. Andrew’s College (Canadian Prep) - David Manning

  • University of Maine (NCAA College) - Alfie Michaud

  • Connecticut College (NCAA College) - Jim Ward

  • First Assist - Sean Rudy and Mike Diabo

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