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 2023 James Bay
Minor Softball Championships

download (1).jpg

September 22-24, 2023 in Eastmain, QC

U13 Girls Softball Champions: Eastmain

U13 Girls Softball Champions - Eastmain.jpg

U13 Girls Softball Finalists: Chisasibi Panthers

U13 Girls Softball Finalists - Chisasibi Panthers.jpg

U13 Boys Softball Champions: Eastmain

U13 Boys Softball Champions - Eastmain.jpg

U13 Boys Softball Finalists: Chisasibi

U13 Boys Softball Finalists - Chisasibi.jpg

U15 Girls Softball Champions: Eastmain

U15 Girls Softball Champions - Eastmain.jpg

U15 Girls Softball Finalists: Chisasibi Ravens

U15 Girls Softball Finalists - Chisasibi Ravens.jpg

U17 Girls Fastpitch Champions: Eastmain

U17 Girls Fastpitch Champions - Eastmain.jpg

U17 Girls Fastpitch Finalists: Chisasibi Jr. Hawks

U17 Girls Fastpitch Finalists - Chisasibi Jr. Hawks.jpg

U17 Boys Fastpitch Champions: Eastmain Fireballs

U17 Boys Fastpitch Champions - Eastmain Fireballs.jpeg

U17 Boys Fastpitch Finalists: Chisasibi Jays

U17 Boys Fastpitch Finalists - Chisasibi Jays.jpeg

Congratulations to all teams, and a big thank you to those who travelled to Eastmain to make the event happen and vie for the titles for this season. We understand that it has been challenging to host events and have the ability and availability to travel to other communities. We hope that this event becomes a staple part of our programming for the coming years with all of our communities participating for the title of the Cree Nation champs! 

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